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    Terms and conditions of use

    The webpage includes an online shop, which is the online presence of the company under the name “ZAHAROULA SIOUTI” and the trade name “CASSANO” (Tax Reg. No 073790864, ‘A ATHINON Tax Office, G.E.M.I. number: 006445801000). The company's head office is located in Athens, Attica (38 Panepistimiou str).

    “CASSANO” endeavors to provide a first-class customer service on a daily basis. The creation of this particular e-shop signifies the beginning of an advanced form of communication between the company and its customers. In addition, this e-shop is intended for all internet users who wish not only to receive direct information on the company's products but also to complete a purchase through the e-shop, by means of distance online order.

    “CASSANO” gives attention to the direct and satisfactory customer service, operating constantly in a responsible manner on the course of its business activity and cultivating trust between the company and its customers.

    The present terms fully comply with the current European and Greek legislation; users acknowledge the company’s right to modify any provisions of the present terms to the extent that such modification would neither affect legally binding obligations of either party nor affect any accomplished situations.

    Website users acknowledge they have read the present terms, agree with them and undertake to comply with them.

    We feel we have the obligation to keep our customers always informed and secured. For this reason, we would like to inform our e-shop customers on the following topics:


    In order to perform any transaction through the “CASSANO” e-shop and to make any order of the company’s products, you will be asked to provide some personal data. When you place an order, you will be asked to provide your full name and surname, the address for the delivery of products, your fixed phone number (or whichever phone number you specify), your email address and, in case you choose to use your credit card as a payment method, you will be asked to provide the card number, its expiry date as well as the 3-digit security code of your card.

    Our company shall process these data in accordance with article 7Α par. 1 (b) of Law 2472/1997, in order to complete the order placed by our customers and shall in no way disclose, publish or sell these data to any third parties, except in case a legal procedure regarding the withdrawal of confidentiality is initiated (L. 2225/1994) or according to other obligations arising from the national implementation of Directive 24/2006.

    Your personal data shall be disclosed to the relevant bank (i.e. the credit card number) and shall be DELETED from our database immediately after the completion of your order, thus ensuring a higher level of security.


    The  website uses the SSL protocol for safe online business transactions. In this way, all credit card information is encrypted so that it may not be read or changed while transferred in the Internet.

    SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is now a global Internet standard for the certification of websites to Internet users and for the encryption of data between Internet users and web servers. An SSL encrypted communication requires all information interchanged between a customer and a server to be encrypted by the sender’s software and to be decoded by the recipient’s software; in this way, personal data are protected while transferred in the Internet. Furthermore, all information sent via SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies if such data have been changed while transferred.


    Product features and other details are available online and you can find any related information by following the search guide provided in our websites and by clicking on the name of the relevant product.


    Making an order through the e-shop signifies that you enter into a distance selling agreement, which is governed by the legal frame of Law 2251/1994, as modified.

    You may enter into a valid order through our e-shop provided that you are a legally capable person according to the Greek Civil Code (that is if you are eighteen years of age or older and you are not placed under judicial guardianship regarding the entering into sales agreements). Representatives of legal entities may also place orders; our company reserves the right to claim from supervisors or guardians any order made by legally incapacitated persons.


    1. You need to fill in the special form with the necessary data in order to enter into the sales agreement.
    2. You also need to unreservedly accept the sales agreement terms and the terms of use by clicking the "ACCEPT" button, as shown online to all users of our website.

    To facilitate payment for those who wish to buy products from our e-shop, offers the following payment methods:

    1. By charging your credit card. Our website,, has taken all necessary precautions regarding the security of your transactions through your credit card and all credit and debit card holders are subject to validity control. It is important to specify necessarily a phone number and a valid e-mail address.
    2. By paypal.
    3. By cash on delivery (Greece only) on the moment you will receive the ordered products, 3 euro extra charges.
    4. By cash on our store, with no extra charges
    5. By bank transfer, by sending the copy of the payment slip through e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view


    ΝΑΜΕ:Σιουτη Ζαχαρουλα

    IBAN: GR1601100800000008043388803


    Before the completion of the order, our company informs consumers though our website about the identity and address of suppliers, substantial features of the product, price, quantity, transfer costs, payment method, delivery method, duration and price of the offer, if any, and the right of withdrawal.

    Upon sending the order form, consumers receive online a copy of their order that they may save.

    All prices shown each product include VAT (24%); reserves the right to change prices without notice to the consumers.

    NOTE: Non EU-Customers shall be subject to any charges that may arise from exchange rate differences, customs clearances, etc., for which our company shall bear no liability.



    Products are delivered to the Prefecture of Attica by the transportation company "Geniki Taxidromiki". The delivery time is 2-3 business days. During the sales periods and the Bazaars the delivery time may be slightly extended, due to the increased number of orders. Shipping fee is 5 euros. Free shipping for all orders over 100 euro.


    Products are delivered to the areas outside Attica by the transportation company "Geniki Taxidromiki". The delivery time is 2-3 business days. During the sales periods and the Bazaars the delivery time may be slightly extended, due to the increased number of orders.Shipping fee is 5 euros. Free shipping for all orders over 100 euros.


    Products are also delivered abroad by the transportation companies "Geniki Taxidromiki".  For deliveries by "Geniki Taxidromiki" the delivery time is 9-15 business days. The shipping charges are determined after arrangement with our company. Especially, for non EU-Customers the products’ prices may differentiate and extra charges may arise due to the exchange rate differences, the customs clearances, etc., for which our company shall bear no liability. 



    You have the right to return the entire order or part of it, in all the cases where by a demonstrable fault of wrong products or products of poor quality, defective (error in taking the order, the pricing, its mission, bad packaging, etc.) were sold, within (14) calendar days from the date you've received it. It is being clarified that the maximum replacement's time may not extend beyond fourteen (14) calendar days. If the order is not returned within fourteen (14) calendar days, cannot accept any refund or replacement.

    If the product needs to be refunded due to a mistake we made, we undertake the transportation costs for the product's return. Nevertheless, if the customer wishes to return his order without company's fault, he should send the order at the headquarters of our company and pay the transportation cost himself.

    To exercise the right of withdrawal, you are obliged to immediately contact us. You are also obliged to return the product in the state in which you received it, which means without breaking the seal of the package and by confirming that the special signs of the product have not been removed. In addition, together with the submission of the withdrawal statement, you shall include the payment receipt. The return will be accepted only upon approval of the company.

    In an attempt to provide the best possible customer service, CASSANO enables you to submit online any complaint by filling in the relevant contact form that you can find here.


    In any case, if you have completed the order process through our e-shop, but for some reason you've changed your mind, you can contact us before the order is sent, by sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view to cancel your order. In case you have received it, you should contact us the same or the next working day at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to return the product intact together with the associated document.


    The company cannot provide replacement service. In case that consumers wish to change any product, they need to return the product to the company and make a new order. If the reason of returning a product is due to a company's fault, then the company undertakes the transportation costs for the product's return.


    • • If you wish to return your order or part of it, you shall firstly inform the company.
    • • A prerequisite is that the product has not been used and it is in its original packaging, in the same pristine condition in which you've received it, along with the payment receipt, including all the specific product labels (tags).

    Note: All products returned to CASSANO undergo quality control. To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you to check the products' condition and their packaging intact carefully at the time of delivery, in order to detect any potential problems. In the case in which a defect is found during the quality control of the returned product, the company shall contact the customer to solve the issue.

    If you wish to return any purchased products, you shall send them to the following address:

    38 Panepistimiou str, Athens
    P.C. 10679 Athens, Greece
    Τel: (+30) 2103627364


    1. Force majeure: If due to force majeure (i.e. adverse weather conditions, strikes, etc.), we fail to deliver you the products within the set time-limit, we will contact you through e-mail in order for you to confirm whether you wish the completion of you order or not, under those certain circumstances. CASSANO  shall not be responsible for any situation arising without being its fault and shall do whatever is humanly possible to offer you the best service.
    2. Modification of terms: The website reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions regarding transactions. The company undertakes to update the present text for any modification or addition to the terms.